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    Welcome! To promote the best experience possible, each and every member needs to follow these rules. It’s a simple list really, stick to it and you won’t get into trouble.

    1. Do not spam the forum. You all know what this means, don’t do it.

    2. Usernames must be appropriate. We can’t control who browses these posts, please don’t set your username to anything racy or spammy. If you need help with your username, let me know.

    3. Show respect and be considerate for fellow members. Discussion does not mean harassment.

    4. Do not post about other sites unless it’s relevant. If you wish to tell us about your website, please only make one post about it. If it appears that you have posted just to promote your own site, your account and posts will be reviewed.

    5. You may include a (1) link to your blog or website in your signature.

    6. Keep your signature under four (4) lines. It will show after every post you make, keep it appropriate.

    7. Staff may delete or edit posts without warning. Warning will usually be given and regular members will never be suddenly banned, however we want to be able to nip spammers in the bud.

    These are the general rules of the forum, I will post styling guidelines for actual posting below. If any major changes are made to this rule list I will announce them in a reply. Thank you!

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    As well as the forum rules, all members should follow these posting guidelines:

    General Conduct
    Show respect for your fellow members. Discussion and debate is definitely welcomed, however focus on what you are talking about. In debates, personal attacks will not be tolerated.

    Watch after your language. Anyone can view this forum, leave a good public imprint. Don’t use language you wouldn’t want your grandma see you use, she might.

    Write your own things. Plagiarism is not allowed. Feel free to quote external sources, but give credit where credit is due.

    Remember to use proper capitalization for titles and authors. Don’t be afraid to use “I”. Follow basic punctuation rules. Try to avoid text speak.

    Off-topic posting is allowed in some forums such as The Cafe, but do not make it a habit. We encourage you to start another topic if necessary, or private message a user to continue private conversations.

    Double-posting is allowed to an extent, as is grave-digging if a topic is still relevant.

    If you want to share an image, please consider using an external service such as imgur.

    Reference both book title and author in the thread title. Please include a link to the book’s page on this website as well. This helps people be able to see quick information about the book and see more reviews.

    Please give adequate spoiler warnings.

    If you post a review, please mark it as a review with the Tags feature.

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