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    Hi everybody,
    I am Michael, 29 y.o. graphic/web designer from Poland. Books are one of my biggest time thiefs.
    I love fantasy, sci-fi and horrors but lately I’ve been reading more of “must read” positions. The only kind of books I really don’t like are the romances.

    Anyway, if someone find a book that is worth reading, let me know about it and I will surely read it sooner or later.

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    Hey, Michael! Have you read the Stormlight Archive? It’s a pretty long but interesting epic fantasy. Brandon Sanderson said that he plans to write ten books for it, but it’s split into two arcs (5 books each). Unfortunately, there is romance, but I would say it’s minimal because it doesn’t focus on it too much.

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    Hi Lily, I have first 2 books of Sanderson but- as you said- it’s long so it’s hard to find that much time 😉
    You can find a romance in almost every book (even in Little Prince if you will look really hard :D), I just don’t like when WHOLE story depends on this plot; in Witcher for example you will find a lot of romance between Geralt and Yenn but it’s not boring so maybe I’ve overreacted a bit about romances- not all book about it and I will read it 😉

    And thanks for mentioning Sanderson- almost forgot about those books.

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