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    Earlier in the year I started an Audible subscription, forgot about it, and a few months later noticed the recurring charge to my credit card. So, not wanting to lose the credits that I received from the subscription, I bought a few audiobooks and have started to listen to them on my commute.

    I run into a problem where I start zoning out when listening to them. No matter how hard I try, fifteen minutes into it or so I always start letting my thoughts wander. I rarely have this problem with books, so I tried reading the print version and that captured my attention, I guess I’m just a bad listener.

    All in all I can see the appeal to audiobooks, but I prefer print.

    Which do you prefer and why? Have any tips for anyone starting to listen to audiobooks?

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    I still prefer to read, but I’m in grad school and most of my book-reading time is taken up by textbooks so I’ve started to listen to audiobooks more. I’ve noticed that some audiobooks have awesome narration so they’re great to listen to and in that case, I prefer the audio. I’ve also noticed that I’m better-able to listen when my hands are busy like when I’m doing dishes or cleaning around my house. Just like you, my mind wanders too much when I listen as I drive, unless it’s a very interesting story that I’m already hooked on.

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