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    Sorry if this has been discussed already :S

    I was curious what other people had for reading speeds. My estimates are all over the place but I’m roughly a 180 WPM reader, a bit slower than the average reader. That’s really what brought me to this site… I take so long to read books that I need an estimated time of completion to know how much time to set aside if I want to complete a book.

    So I’d like to ask the community: What’s your WPM speed? Are you a slow reader like I am? If so, what have you done to overcome that obstacle? If you can knock out War and Peace in one sitting, is there any tips or techniques you attribute your amazing reading speed to? All feedback is welcome!

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    Hi Ben, and welcome!

    Like you said, my estimates are all over the place. I read books at anywhere between 150-400 WPM. Longer non-fiction books are easier to read at a faster rate for me, for example the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series. I’ll get into it and start visualizing what’s going on and not even notice when I turn pages.

    One of the biggest things that helps me read at a faster rate and still retain what I’ve read is getting rid of subvocalization in my head. There are a few articles out there about how to do it if you look up ‘How to speed read’.

    However, when I really need to know something, such as reading textbooks for class, I probably drop down to 50-100 WPM as I try to wrap my head around everything.

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      I definitely have the subvocalization going on. I’ve done a bit of reading up on it, and have even dropped some quatloos on a speed reading program, to no avail. The best trick so far for me is finding the audiobook version and playing that along with my reading. It sounds ridiculous but that way I’m keeping a steady pace and it helps me keep from getting distracted or re-reading sentences. Now that I’m writing this though, I’m thinking maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to kill the subvocalization, haha!

      Thanks for the reply!

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