One month down — Here’s what Reading Length has been up to!

It’s been one month since the relaunch of the Reading Length website! Going from a hand-coded website to a website built on a robust framework has not been without challenges, however the future is looking bright. I have many features in the works, improvements to make to existing features, and bugs to fix, however the core functionality of the website (searching for books and finding their reading length) is working flawlessly!

Here are a few pretty cool statistics about this first month:

  • 3 database failures
  • 2 web server upgrades
  • 2,596 spammers blocked
  • 92 registered users
  • 12,952 unique and legitimate viewers
  • 136 countries represented
  • 43 book reviews
  • 29,860 books searched for (and hopefully inspired to read)

Now, my primary goal this is to get back to pre-relaunch traffic levels (we’re doing about a fourth of what we were getting, new link formats have thrown Google off) and finish Goodreads integration. After that, I need to improve the Forums functionality so that it is navigable, as well as establish a social media presence. All of this will ultimately lead to a greater sense of community here. I know there are a few of you out there who have been dedicated to posting as many reviews as you can and I definitely appreciate it. I encourage you all to get to know each other more in our Forums and sit back and wait for more members to join!

$35 Monthly Giveaway

I have randomly selected and notified the winner of our $35 monthly giveaway, once they have accepted it I will update this post with their name if they choose to be publicly acknowledged! If they do not respond by September 14, I will choose a new winner from the September 1 user list.

EDIT: The winner of the August giveaway was Andrew! Like I’ve said before, thank you all for registering and participating on this website! 🙂

  1. Profile photo of pixelove
    pixelove 1 year ago

    “2,596 spammers” sounds quite impressive, really. Yup, probably 97% of them are just bots but they found this website and that should be encouraging 😉 BTW, you can make “Honeypot Captcha” to kill most bots.

    Keep the good work!

  2. Profile photo of Ben Haro
    Ben Haro 1 year ago

    Looking forward to Goodreads integration!

  3. Profile photo of Madhumathi M
    Madhumathi M 1 year ago

    Hi , do you have any plans to introduce bulk search option? I mean , can I add more than one ISBN title to see the word count in one click?


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