Updates – September, 2016

This month has already seen an astounding amount of updates to Reading Length, primarily on the back-end. I will be keeping a running-list here of improvements and bug-fixes that I have and will make this month:

  • New header background image
    • I really liked the old image of the bookshelf. I really did. However, my server did not. The image itself was large. It was detailed. I compressed it as well as I could, any further compression would have made it look terrible. I recently showed this website to a friend, and I realized that the website was loading fast like I had hoped — except for the header image. So, we now have a wood-grain background header. It’s simpler, smaller, yet still looks good to me. If anyone has any other suggestions on what the background should look like, please let me know. If you have any creative commons artwork that you would like displayed that is smaller than 150KB, please let me know.
  • Backend updates
    • Everything is up-to-date to ensure good security. The website is scanned hourly for malicious activity and I receive text alerts whenever there is a problem found or updates to apply.
  • Links
    • Links from the previous site should now redirect to their new location. Hopefully this will improve search rankings to previous levels, but it appears as damage has been done. Links that contain an ISBN with an ‘x’ now work. This was a simple problem that I had overlooked.
  • Goodreads
    • Here’s a biggie that will be improved upon throughout the month. I would say it is in an extreme alpha mode. You can check your ‘to-read’ shelf if you have entered your Goodreads ID by going to http://www.readinglength.com/goodreads. I wouldn’t recommend it in its current state. I’m working on making this full-featured.
      • To-do:
        • Shelf selection
        • Goodreads rating next to books
        • Tab for Goodreads reviews
        • Shelf/list integration on individual book pages

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