The Iliad

The Iliad

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Word Count

176,000 words

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704 pages

Edition Publisher

Penguin Classics

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ISBN-10: 0140275363

ISBN-13: 9780140275360


robert Fagles, Winner Of The Pen/ralph Manheim Medal For Translation And A 1996 Academy Award In Literature From The American Academy Of Arts And Letters Presents Us With His Universally Acclaimed Modern Verse Translation Of The World's Greatest War Story. Rage-goddess, Sing The Rage Of Peleus' Son Achilles, Murderous, Doomed, That Cost The Achaeans Countless Losses, Hurling Down To The House Of Death So Many Sturdy Souls? Thus Begins The Stirring Story Of The Trojan War And The Rage Of Achilles That Has Gripped Listeners And Readers For 2,700 Years. This Timeless Poem Still Vividly Conveys The Horror And Heroism Of Men And Gods Wrestling With Towering Emotions And Battling Amidst Devastation And Destruction, As It Moves Inexorably To Its Wrenching, Tragic Conclusion. Renowned Classicist bernard Knox Observes In His Superb Introduction That Although The Violence Of The Iliad Is Grim And Relentless, It Co-exists With Both Images Of Civilized Life And A Poignant Yearning For Peace. Combining The Skills Of A Poet And Scholar, robert Fagles Brings The Energy Of Contemporary Language To This Enduring Heroic Epic. He Maintains The Drive And Metric Music Of Homer's Poetry, And Evokes The Impact And Nuance Of The Iliad's Mesmerizing Repeated Phrases In What peter Levi Calls An Astonishing Performance.

@rageagainsttheachaean Pissed. I Am So, So Very Pissed.

first I Have To Go To This Beach. Then I Have To Kill All These Dudes. And Now – Now! This Prick Stole My Biscuit. Who Does That? Am I Right?

can’t Resolve This Problem On My Own – Calling Mom!

from twitterature: The World's Greatest Books In Twenty Tweets Or Less

in This Widely Acclaimed Verse Translation Of Homer's Great Epic, Robert Fagles Combines The Skills Of Poet And Scholar. He Brings The Energy Of Contemporary Language To This Enduring Heroic Work, But Maintains The Drive And Metric Music Of Homer's Poetry And Evokes The Impact And Nuance Of Homer's Mesmerizing Repeated Phrases.

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