Of Love and Other Demons (Vintage International)

Of Love and Other Demons (Vintage International)

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García Márquez, Gabriel

Word Count

40,000 words

based on page count


160 pages

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ISBN-10: 1400034922

ISBN-13: 9781400034925


on Her Twelfth Birthday, Sierva Maria – The Only Child Of A Decaying Noble Family In An Eighteenth-century South American Seaport – Is Bitten By A Rabid Dog. Believed To Be Possessed, She Is Brought To A Convent For Observation. And Into Her Cell Stumbles Father Cayetano Delaura, Who Has Already Dreamed About A Girl With Hair Trailing After Her Like A Bridal Train. As He Tends To Her With Holy Water And Sacramental Oils, Delaura Feels Something Shocking Begin To Occur. He Has Fallen In Love – And It Is Not Long Until Sierva Maria Joins Him In His Fevered Misery. Unsettling And Indelible, of Love And Other Demons Is An Evocative, Majestic Tale Of The Most Universal Experiences Known To Woman And Man.

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